Book Pinwheels - Small

$ 12.00 USD


Book page pinwheels add a whimsical and fun aspect to your event decoration. They are a neutral color and go great with any other décor you have. Perfect for a book lover’s party, literary themed wedding, or any other event. Each pinwheel has an elegant pearl bead affixed to the center adding an elegant touch to a whimsical decoration.

This listing is for a set of three pinwheels each made from the same book. Orders of multiple sets will use the same book for all your pinwheels so that there aren’t color or size discrepancies.

They come with a looping string that is approximately 5-6 inches long. The string is attached to the back of the pinwheel so it can be removed by cutting if you want to attach them to a wall.

The size of the pinwheels depends on the size of the book made, but you can expect a diameter of approximately 4-6 inches. The color can vary between orders and you may end up with pages deeper ivory or purer white. Either way they will not clash with any established décor you have.‍


This product is made to order and ships in 3-5 business days.


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