About me

My name is Micaela Lumpkins and I am the founder, creator, and artist at Libellas Book Arts. Keep reading to learn how I turned the decorations from my wedding into an entire business or click Shop Now to go straight to the good stuff.


Libellas naturally grew out what I did for my wedding. My now husband and I decided on a literary theme because we fell in love over a book. After much searching for the perfect decorations I eventually decided to make my own.

That is when I set off to make 5 bouquets, aisle decorations, 9 centerpieces, and everything else you need for a wedding all out of book pages.

A Business Owner

When the wedding was over I was sad to no longer be making things, working with books, and expressing myself with crafts.

So naturally I started my own small business!

Libellas Book Arts is a rapidly growing business, just starting its second year. I am so excited to see where this adventure will take me.


Now Libellas Book Arts is a woman-owned, eco-conscious, small business on a mission to reduce the number of books that end up in landfills.

We make unique and personal bookish gifts and decor from old, worn out, or torn up books.

In our shop you can expect to find paper flowers, pinwheels, and garlands all made out of book pages - plus so much more.

And we also do custom orders! So if you don't see anything that perfectly fits your gift or decor needs then we would be happy to work with you on making something special.

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Core Values

Libellas Book Arts prides itself on being a business with high standards. Here is what you can expect from us.

Red book page rose with leaves.

Quality Handmade Products

Everything I make is made with care and attention to detail. There are no shortcuts or pre-sets: everything is handmade and therefore unique. No two flowers are ever going to be exactly the same. Handmade products come with a certain amount of “imperfections” that show this is different, this was touched by a human hand. I made it for you. But you can still expect quality. I take no shortcuts and always inspect each product to make sure it is my best work every time.

a kusudama flower in an open book

Honest and Fair Business Practices

I want to ensure people that even though this is a business and I do want to turn a profit, that I won’t forget I’m working with real people to bring them some form of joy. That means I will never deceive or scam my customers or omit important details to them. I will always be upfront about my limitations and experiences. I will never make guarantees I may not be able to fulfill. Being honest and fair isn’t a business practice to me, its human decency.

A stack of books that are falling apart and really old.

A Commitment to the Environment

I want to ensure that my business practices are not adding to the deforestation and climate change issues our world is facing. I want to be part of the solution. It is also a core tenant of the business's mission. Therefore, I always use books that were destined for the dumpster anyway. I also use 100% recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging. I make yearly donations to climate change reversing efforts in order to offset the business's carbon footprint.

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